House of Cards – Recap Episode 2

Thanks to all who came out last night for House of Cards! Here’s the recap from last night, and don’t forget to come next week, February 10th at 7PM, to watch episode 3 and talk about the women of House of Cards with anthropologist and historian, Jenni Nolan O’dell. We will start right at 7PM to leave plenty of time for discussion after the episode.

Special thanks to Cliff Froehlich, executive director of Cinema St. Louis, who talked about the film style of House of Cards, directors in film and TV, and film noir. While he still loves film, he admits that this is a great time for television with all the great directors making moves to television, if we can even still call it television. We now access TV shows from our computers, streaming, even our phones, making the term television show somewhat of a misnomer .

The meat of our conversation stemmed around film style. What does the color of the show mean? The earth tones of yellows, browns, and blues, show how in the muck the characters are. Or maybe the grayness of the show emphasizes the gray area in which the characters tend to play. Either way it’s apparent color plays an important role in the show, along with lighting. Ever notice how the lighting is dim with just a lamp or light in the background? David Fincher, who directed the first two episodes loves the movie All The President’s Men and we see this in the filming style of the news room at the Washington Herald. What other nods to All the President’s Men can you recall? What about the Shakespearean asides Frank takes part in? Did you know that’s something taken from the original House of Cards – a British version?

Cliff also gave us some “homework,” so be sure to read this article about the different directors of HOC. And if you love shows with characters like Francis Underwood, check out the book, Difficult Men by Brett Martin. We have a few copies available in the library system. Put it on hold today!

Want to come for week three, but don’t want to feel lost? Read about the other episodes below, or catch up on Netflix and just come for the delicious coffee and tea and stimulating conversation.

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